How much is your life worth?

I do not really know how much my life is worth in money. Since I am a Google addict, I gave it a try. I found a really lame website that after answering few totally irrelevant questions said my life was worth $740,000.

Whatever you think that amount means it is for sure more than what my brother’s life is worth. His kidnappers figured last night his life was worth $4,000. Yes, four thousand dollar, US$ that is, in case you wonder. Not that it matters these days, CDN$ is at par with the US$.

For those of you who do not get it, this is not a joke. Never heard of this before? It is called a Secuestro Express (Express Kidnapping), somewhat common in Venezuela; and getting more and more common as the revolution lead by Chavez deepens.

The datails will be part of another posts, material for a sci-fi blog entry. For now, please try to grasp the idea that a small group of dudes take you for a ride in the middle of the night, at gunpoint. After telling you that nothing is going to happen to you if you cooperate, they nicely ask you to call whoever you want so you collect a x amount of money within an hour or two. Otherwise…. Oh, yes, don’t worry about your car, we will give it back to you, all we need is the cash.

Why $4,000 and not more? You would have to ask the dudes. I assumes that when my brother told them, after an hour of phone calls, how much his friends were able to quickly gather, they thought it was okay. It kind of makes sense….three or fours guys made $4,000 in two hours. A thousand each for two hours worth of work!

That dear reader is one of the realities of my other country, Venezuela. Beautiful? full of natural resources? the Patria de Bolivar? the country that gave my free university education? All yes. Do I want to live there these days? Not for all the money in the world. Am I a cowart, a traitor? Not even close. But that, again, would be material of discussion for a future post.

The laptop and DSLR were gone, but as promised, he got his car back!


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